Hi, I’m Aga

“You have one life only, don’t waste it on fulfilling people’s expectations. Live it the way that makes you happy” – grandma Emily

Hi, I’m Aga

“You have one life only, don’t waste it on fulfilling people’s expectations. Live it the way that makes you happy” – grandma Emily


I had it all. A wonderful childhood, a nurturing family, a promising future. Fast forward a decade or so and I had grown up, finished university, gotten into a toxic marriage and found myself pursuing a career I was not happy with. How come, after such a nice beginning, did I wind up in a life that I obviously didn’t like? I can’t even count sleepless nights, when lying in my bed I was asking myself the same questions: Had I not been brave enough? Was society or family too much of a pressure that I had taken a path that made me so miserable?

I was analyzing and dreaming about different scenarios on and on. Just couldn’t find strength to turn them into reality. Until one day.

My beloved grandma Emily had died. My angel, my confidante, my person. I was standing in a little chapel, saying my goodbyes, looking at her for the last time. She looked so peaceful. My heart was broken and I couldn’t stop crying. I loved her so much. That was my breaking point.

Grandma had it really tough in life (hyperlink), and don’t get me to start talking about the boundaries for women at the time! For a woman with her drive, being completely dependent first on her parents and then on her husband was tough. She did not manage to escaped that life, but she always wanted a completely different path for me. Yet instead of flooding me with do’s and don’ts, of rules and instructions, she told me stories. Stories of love, war, history and life. They suddenly all came back to me in this very moment in a little chapel. That day I promised myself and her that I will be a woman she wanted me to be: brave, independent and pursuing her own dreams and goals.

Eleven years have passed. During that time I’ve gathered all my strength and got divorced. I also left a family business that never felt like a right fit for me. I set up my own small company in completely different field. I was a single mum. I struggled with depression and lack of hope. But I never ever regretted those decisions. Deep inside I knew my grandma is watching over me and it has to turn out ok. And it did. After 5 long single years I met my today’s husband. He was a Mexican diplomat. But what would describe him better – he was a latin bachelor (yes….) and I was a woman with a kid and a lot of luggage. It seemed impossible. Yet somehow we made it.

When the time came and his posting was getting to an end I was able to rearrange my company in a way that I could manage it online. I decided to give it a try and see a whole wide world with him. We ended up in…. Jamaica, not really what I was hoping for.

Our experience of leaving on a tropical island could be a book material. Let me just say it’s far from what you expect looking at google images or instagram pictures.

Within this last 6 years we fought, struggled with cultural differences and challenges of patchwork family. We laughed a lot, loved and welcomed baby boy to our family. We met incredible people who became our family and made our life rich and happy.

Although sometimes it feels like a crazy rollercoaster ride I wouldn’t change even a bit. I can’t believe it was only 10 years ago that I was sad and lonely, leaving a life that didn’t bring any joy. Today I have a new family; I travel; I love and am loved. Far away from perfection, but I feel a sense of fulfillment, happiness and joy like never before.