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When we still were miserable, sleeping on the floor, with no cutlery or personal things (you can read about it here), our new neighbours took good care of us. Some borrowed us plates, others pillow and mattress, we got a chair and couple of mugs. That sense of community and helping hand were like a light in a tunnel in those hard days. Something I thought was a one time favour later appeared to be our happy reality in this not very welcoming country.

I’ll stop right here because I’m sure many of you will say:

  • Hey, I visited Jamaica and it was awesome, people were nice, place was exotic and I had a great time.

It’s true. When you are a tourist, you (and the money you bring) are perceived completely different than when you are an expat. Don’t forget you stay in a resort, usually with all inclusive service and you don’t experience the hardships of everyday life. So our realities cannot be compared.

But back to the topic. We were extremely lucky with choosing a house, as we do have the best neighbours you could imagine. As part of the help for the new nomad family who slept on the floor, one of them offered to take us on a boat ride on Sunday. We accepted the offer immediately as not only we had no things at home, but our car was also not cleared yet and we had no mean of transportation. Vision of spending a day on a beach was truly fantastic. I was thanking destiny that I packed one swimming suit to my suitcase just in case…

Also a day on a boat seemed like dream come true. However the truth is, when you live on an island, having a boat is not perceived as a luxury opposed to other parts of the world. When you are surrounded by water having a boat it’s a pretty normal thing. But for me it was absolutely amazing.

Anyways, I was extremely happy. First to get away from our empty house, second to get to know nice beaches in Kingston.

Imagine my surprise when I learnt there are none….. Kingston is a port city, there are no beaches here. You can find some stone beaches not far away from the city but they do not look like from google images. So the closest reasonable sand beach is around 80 km away.


Unless you have a boat. Because if you have one you can exit the port and sail a bit in the bay until you get to Lime Key.

It’s a small patch of sand in the middle of water but I swear to you it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life. Completely empty, little tiny island that you can access only with a private boat. The sand was so clean, water blue and absolutely transparent. It was breathtaking! Suddenly I forgot about all the unpleasant experiences we’ve had so far in Jamaica. The beauty of nature was overwhelming. And when you sail a bit further you can find even smaller patch that is called a starfish island, because it’s a habitat of starfish. They are so beautiful and it’s a blessing to see them in their natural environment.

It was early morning, so we were the only ones there in the beginning. But when time has passed more boats and yachts came. They anchored around the island and instead of admiring this unspeakable beauty they started something that looked like a contest on who has the louder speakers. From 6 boats you heard 6 different songs, all in maximum volume, with subwoofers on. I could not understand it.

Today I know that people are very different, they have different cultural backgrounds, they spend their time in different way. I should have known it before as I married a latin guy and we deal with big differences on a daily basis. But somehow I was still judgemental and talked a lot about the lack of appreciation for the nature in Jamaica. However within these three years that I’ve spend there I learnt my lesson. It’s me who is a guest and it’s not my place to tell the locals how to live their lives.

I can only enjoy mine and appreciate everything that this unconventional life of a modern nomad gives me. And I have to say, that I’m pretty lucky.

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